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We are currently taking on new customers for our 2018 season. If you would like to be added to our waiting list please send us an email to [email protected]

2018 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

 This summer we will be offering CSA baskets to the Augusta, Prescott, and Brockville area.

What's a CSA basket?

A CSA basket is where you can sign up for a weekly basket of fresh produce picked the same day or the day before delivered to your door.

How it works

Each week beginning in June you would get a basket delivered to your door filled with our fresh produce. The next week you place your empty basket outside of your door and we will replace it with a full one.

Benefits to this is that you always have an excellent variety of fresh produce of whatever is in season from mid June until mid October. You don't have to worry about what is on sale at the grocery store as we have a set price of $35 a week delivered to your door.

This price is an average of what you will get for the entire season. In mid season when everything is in full boom your basket will have more in it than at the beginning of early season. To get the most bang for your buck sign on for the whole growing season.

Our $35 basket is what we call our family basket, we recommend this size for the average family of four.

We also offer a half basket for $20 a week more aimed towards couples or young families. You will still receive the same produce just half the amount.

Sign on and pay for the entire season up front by April 30, 2018 and receive your first basket free. Or go on a month to month basis making payment at the beginning of each month by email money transfer or credit card.


After a long winter of over priced veg be creative with new recipes filled with veggies.

Eat healthier

You know where your food is coming from and know we haven't used any chemicals on them. We grow using natural farming methods, manure and our vegetable compost is the only fertilizer being used. This manure comes from our cattle that has eaten non medicated feed. When we run into pest problems that we can't fix naturally we only use organic products to get on top of it.

Enjoy the convenience of having your fresh vegetables delivered right to your door.

You will be supporting a family farm to help ensure small farmers can still exist in the future.

What To Expect in Your Basket

Early Season

Lettuce (romaine, iceburg or greens mix)

Spinach or Kale

Swiss Chard

Green Onions







Snap Peas


Mid Season

Continue to get early season veg as available

Beans (green and yellow)




Squash (butternut, acorn & other varieties)

Large Tomatoes

Cherry or Grape Tomatoes



Late Season

Some early season veg will come back and some mid season will continue



Large Onions


Sweet Corn

New in 2018 baskets we will be trying some purple kale,colored carrots and kohl rabi!

We have also added berries to our farm. These are still young plants and we are not sure how much they will produce. If we have the quantity we will add in a pint of berries when available!

We have placed our produce in seasons but keep in mind some things will grow  throughout the entire growing season and others you will have in early season they will stop in mid then come back for late.

We do our best to provide you with all the vegetables listed above, please understand if we have something that just refuses to grow. Sometimes mother nature can give us a hard time!

Sign Up email [email protected] or call 613-803-9782